Holland’s Cake and Shake

There has been a lot of good buzz around this Hintonburg bakery, and rightly so, how could there not be when Micheal Holland is coming right out of Atelier, to make us cake? I was expecting  well crafted, flavourful, and original individual layer cakes, and for once, my high hopes were not crushed. It’s a simple looking shop with a variety of items on the menu. As well as cakes, they have shakes, sandwiches, and home-made drinks, and the prices are amazing for the quality you get. I highly recommend checking it out!

There was a choice of 6 mini-cakes that afternoon:

Smores, Banana Nutella, Poptart, Chocolate Chip, Sortilege Coffee, and Sticky Toffee Pudding

The Sortilege Coffee Cake was calling out to me, but since I can’t pass up anything with Nutella, my choice was made!

Banana Nutella Cake

At first I was surprised at how dense it was, I was expecting more of an airy, fluffy texture. This could be due to the fact that it was resting in a display fridge, or because the idea was to stay close to a banana bread texture. Either way, it wasn’t a deal breaker, because it was delicious. For those who want a sugar fix, do not hesitate, this is it! For those who can’t handle sugar, I would stay away-this is a killer.

Cakes are $4 each, or 21.50 for $6. 

As the name of the bakery suggests, they also offer a variety of shakes, and wait for it….cake shakes! I tried the maple cake/vanilla ice cream shake, and I was blown away it was so good. I have wanted another one ever since I left the bakery..

Shakes are $4.50, and Cake Shakes are $6.50

Cake and Shake website


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