Sweet brunch: The Banana Bread French Toast Edition

I wish I knew who I could thank for this brilliant innovation, but that’s OK, I’ll settle for savouring their rich and gooey banana idea!

If you’re anything like me, there are mornings when you just cannot bear the thought of having eggs to start you day. You need a sugar rush, not a hungover sloppy mess of runny egg yolks. And as you know, the options are slim when you’re an egg hater on Sundays in our lovely capital.

Thankfully, a few amazing restaurants in Ottawa offer a Banana Bread French Toast option at brunch:

The Manx Pub:

My friend and I agreed. It’s insanely good. The only trouble is that it’s a sizable portion of decadence. The banana bread is soaked in maple syrup, topped with berries, and whipped cream. Simple, scrumptious, and super super sweet!


Stoneface Dollys:

Theirs comes as a main and a side! It’s very similar to the one at The Manx, but not as sweet, which makes it lighter and more flavourful. The main (3 slices) is served with hand cut fruit, butter and Quebec maple syrup. The side is a single serving, with maple syrup only.

$13 for the main, $4 for the slice

 Jak’s Kitchen: 

This is a much lighter option in taste, when compared to the two previous ones. Unlike the two previous ones, it isn’t deep brown in colour, and the taste is completely different; not as rich. However, the texture shines through, since it is soaked beautifully in whipped cream, and just the right amount of maple syrup. A cinnamon apple compote accompanies it!


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