Suzy Q

Suzy Q is an Ottawa favourite!

They are most known for their classic doughnuts such as Maple Bacon, Cookies n’Cream, and Dirty Chocolate, but they also have seasonal doughnuts like Raspberry Lemonade, Eat a Peach and Lemon Poppyseed in the summer.

As well as their doughnuts, you can buy doughnut ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, ice cream slushies depending on the season, and a variety of coffee drinks.

Prices for doughnuts are 1 for $3, 4 for $10, 6 for $12 and 12 for $24

I went on a Sunday afternoon with a friend to toast the end of summer, and after seeing the relatively affordable prices, we decided to buy 4 for 10 $. There were fifteen flavours to choose from! We finally settled on Eat a Peach, Happy Goat Mocha Truffle, Wunder Crunch, and Salty Caramel (clockwise in picture).


The doughnuts were definitely surprising. The dough was like nothing I’d had before. Nice and yeasty, and straight out the oven warm, it had quite a distinctive spice to it; I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was or if I really liked it.. I realized later on that Suzy Q follows a traditional Finnish recipe of the Sugar Munkki, which is a deep fried doughnut with cardamom spice. Suzy Q goes into more detail on their website. These donuts are a must for cardamom lovers!

Out of the four doughnuts we tried, the Happy Goat Mocha Truffle was a definite winner. The doughnut hole was filled with a creamy coffee and chocolate ganache. Messy and incredibly decadent! We also loved the Wunder Crunch, a play on the Wunderbar. Silky, crunchy, sweet peanut butter topping with a chocolate glaze. Such good peanut butter!

The Salty Caramel and Eat a Peach fell short for us, both toppings could have been better texture and flavour wise.

Overall, if you are a doughnut fan, Suzy Q is worth it. Their classic doughnuts are known all over Ottawa, and the variety they offer definitely entices.

But honestly, I prefer Art-Is-In’s!



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