Mantovani 1946


A gelataria first and foremost, Mantovani 1946 set up shop last summer where Domus Café used to be on Murray St. It’s a beautiful spot with clean lines, beige, felt booths, and smaller tables looking out onto the street. With its high ceilings, classical moulding, Italian music, and well dressed baristas,  Mantovani 1946 is classy with a touch of old world charm, and it is a welcome addition to Ottawa. It’s a great spot for anyone to feel a little fancy for an hour or two, bring a date, or just have a coffee with one of their besties!

Mantovani mocha

The day I walked in, the first snow of the season was coming down, and I was in search of a hot chocolate. Lucky for me, they have a variety of well crafted, rich and creamy hot drinks: cappuccinos, mochas, seasonally flavoured lattes, macchiatos, hot chocolates, etc. I chose a mocha, and it was wonderfully rich in flavour and texture. It was a dessert all on its own really. Mantovani 1946 being an Italian franchise, it comes as no surprise that their coffee drinks taste of superior quality. Perhaps it’s the Neapolitan coffee they use?

Drink prices range from $2 for an espresso to $5 for a large flavoured latte

They of course have a variety of gelato flavours available that looked creamy and luxurious, but that tasting was to be for another day! That day, it was the beautiful slices of cakes that called out to me. They are blessed with having a Cordon Bleu pastry chef in their kitchen, so all cakes are made in house (with the exception of the croissants and chocolatines that day).

I ordered their most popular cake: A chocolate and hazelnut buttercream cake.

Mantovani’s chocolate hazelnut buttercream cake

Apart from from how beautiful it was, it was good, but not what I expected. Very heavy on sugar throughout, and I couldn’t really tell what the flavours were that I was tasting. So, the next time I went, I tried the Tiramisu, and the Nutella cake, which were much better!

Mantovani’s tiramisu

The tiramisu was light and fluffy, light on the sugar, and had a nice coffee aroma.

Mantovani’s nutella cake

Out of the three cakes I tried, this last one was my favourite.  I would recommend it to any chocolate/nutella lover. The cake was moist and flavourful, the icing was beautiful, and the nutella beside it was just the cherry on top!

Slices of cake are $6.75

The price is perhaps a little steep when comparing it to slices of cakes you can get at coffee shops, but when taking into consideration the skill level behind it, and the fact that it’s made in house, it’s still cheaper than a slice of cake at a fine dining restaurant. 

Check out their menu for more dessert options, lunch choices, and variety of biscottis!


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