Worth it or not? Nutella Café

Nutella, Nutella, Nutella… There are few things that are as decadent, rich, and silky as a spoonful of Nutella. And I have to admit, I’m obsessed. Too many times did it happen that I bought Nutella with the best intentions (I swear, just the small jar this time!) and too many times did it disappear way too fast.

So I was pretty excited when I saw that big, black, red letterhead announcing “Nutella Café” attached to the Sobeys at 193 Metcalfe. I mean, where can you go wrong, right?

Happily enough, the Original Nutella crepe was good enough that if I was craving a crepe again, and I was near Nutella Café, I would drop by and spend the 4.99 +tax. I thought the crepe dough had a nice thickness, and great taste overall. It wasn’t too sweet, which was perfect, because they do put on a nice amount of Nutella in it, which made me oh so happy!


This was just the classic crepe, so I’m confident that any variation of it would be, if not just as good, better! I didn’t try the waffles though (they have the same topping options), so if you try them, let me know what you think!

Prices: Original Crepe: $4.99, Sliced Bananas $5.99, Strawberries $5.99, Seasonal Berries $6.99, Seasonal Berries and Banana $6.99, Pear and Granola 6.99

On the other hand however, I was very disappointed with the pastries. Only the croissant was almost worth the money. And that’s mostly because it was full of Nutella and “fresh”(i.e. not dry).


Other than that, don’t expect anything more than a boring, regular, store-bought croissant, the kind you get in a six-pack…If you have a croissant and chocolate craving, check out the chocolate croissants that I mention in my other post Macarons et Madeleines, or take some extra time and go to Art-Is-In. Worth it every time!

As for the other pastries at Nutella Café, after the crepe, I got hopeful that they were going to be at least partially good, because they did look good!


But, I was sadly mistaken. Unlike what I read at Apt613, I would not ever call these “tasty items”, and would not recommend them to anyone looking for a tasty snack. Other than the Nutella on top or in them, they either tasted like nothing, or were just very odd- flavour or texture wise.

So, do yourself a favour, go for the crepes, Nutella, and fruit, and maybe if you’re desperate enough, for a croissant… but stop there! The place is definitely nothing to rave about, overall it’s just an extension of Sobeys, with the same pastries you can find in their pastry section, with the small change of added Nutella. Which is really too bad, because I would love a bakery or a coffee shop solely dedicated to Nutella in Ottawa!

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