Sweet Brunch: The Best French Toast in the City

It’s almost brunch time, and of course, nothing says sweet brunch quite like French Toast! I’m beyond obsessed with French Toast, so of course I had to post about the best ones in Ottawa!

Like everyone else living in Ottawa, I know there’s a lot of good places to choose from when it comes to brunch Saturday or Sunday. I’m pretty religious about my brunch outings, and because I always want the best of the best, I’ve done some extensive research (the eating kind). Unfortunately, if you google “best brunch in Ottawa” you will get only a few informative articles: Narcity’s 10 Best Spots to Grab Brunch in Ottawa, LoveOttawa’s Best Weekend Brunch in Ottawa, and Apt613’s Five of Ottawa’s Best Brunches. I definitely agree with most of their restaurant choices, but the only real question is: Which ones actually have a worthy French Toast that makes you want to get out of bed?

Wilf and Ada’s French Toast with buttermilk batter, fruit compote, whip and maple syrup.

Price: $12.50

Their French Toast is pretty much the reason I fell in love with French Toast to begin with. I must have had it the first time several years back, and I remember thinking I’d never had anything so good for breakfast, and that’s saying something! It hasn’t changed since then, and I still can’t get over how good everything is about it. The egg bread is perfect in its simplicity, toasted just right, and battered to desired creaminess- not too little, and not too much. But it’s the fruit compote that makes it for me. They’ve somehow elevated apples and berries to an incredible standard. I recently and finally got the real answer as to how it’s really made: both apples and berries are quickly macerated in apple cider and sugar before being plated. The result is a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Coupled with the battered egg bread, it’s simply, the best French Toast.

Benny’s Bistro’s French Toast with Royal Gala compote, salted caramel and almond oat crumble.

Price: $15

Made with in-house baguette, this was the crunchiest version of any French Toast I’ve ever had! Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, the apple compote brought a well rounded sweetness to the dish, and the almond oat crumble gave it a lovely toasted nutty flavor. I shared it as a dessert after a glorious meal, but by the end, I wished I hadn’t; I could have easily finished it all! They forgot the salted caramel on top, but it was perfect the way it was. I can only imagine the added decadence had it been there!

Note: Their French Toast is advertised as having a roasted rhubarb and vanilla bean compote on their website, but that’s not what was written on the menu when we got there. If anyone tries it with rhubarb, let me know how it is!

Backdrop’s Good’Ol French Toast with housemade fruit compote, fresh whipped cream, and red chocolate rooibos tea syrup.

Price: $13

Even though they call it “Good’Ol”, there’s nothing casual about this French Toast. What they sneakily forget to mention in their description is that they use CROISSANT as the toast part! Best surprise ever, since obviously, taste-wise, it works. It’s a pretty big plate too, so add some bacon, and you’ve got yourself perfection. So far, this is the only place that I know that does this, and if you haven’t gone to Backdrop yet, go! It has a very cool, laid back vibe in the morning, with plenty of light, colours and wall art.