Maverick’s Donut Company

You may or may not have heard, Ottawa has a new donut shop in town, and it is definitely living up to its hype. Located in the Blue Heron Mall on Bank St. across from Farm Boy, it is sure to become your ideal shopping break in the south end, rain or shine.

And that’s exactly what I did, in between a stop at Canadian Tire and Farm Boy. At first, I didn’t really know what to expect, and I certainly didn’t think the place or the donuts were going to be so nice. After all, the south end is not known for it’s pretty stores or gourmet options right? Lucky for me, Maverick’s Donut Company proved me wrong in so many ways.

First of all, there is a wide selection of donuts to choose from. When I first heard of Maverick’s, the most exciting aspect of their store was that you could “dip and decorate” your own donut. Choose your style of donut, your dip (vanilla, caramel, maple or chocolate), and one topping of your choice (I counted 17 options), and you get your creation for $1.85. A great idea for kids and adults alike; not only is it fun, it’s also a much smaller option if you don’t want any of the bigger sized donuts.

Prices: “Plain Jane” $1.35, “Dip and Decorate” $1.85

But if you’re like me and you are tempted by the bigger ones, I highly, highly (highly!) recommend them. Their signature donuts are the ones that really blew it out of the park. They have a fantastic selection to choose from, and come up with new ones for special occasions. Here were my favourites:

Powdered Sugar & Jam

I hadn’t had a raspberry filled donut in who knows how long, and after eating this one I wondered why I ever stopped. Out of all the options at Maverick’s, this was my personal favourite. I mean, look at that donut!! Plus, can you think of anything more satisfying than getting sugar all over yourself? Other than eating it of course.

Crème Brulée

Maverick’s is giving Art-Is-In a run for their money with this one. It’s similar in concept to Art-Is-In‘s crème brulée berliner (which is one of the most amazing things there by the way), but the similarities end there. Maverick’s crème brulée donut is much bigger, with a gooey bruléed sugar/caramel topping, and filled with a white chocolate pastry cream that is to die for. I might have to go get another one, like right now…

Lemon and Ricotta

Simply put, I couldn’t get over the ricotta filling, it was so creamy and delicious and just sweet enough. There was also a lot of it, and I really appreciated that filling to dough ratio.

Maple and Bacon/Wake n Bacon

After Suzy Q’s Bacon Donut, I’m pretty sure you can’t get away with not having a bacon option if you’re a donut shop in Ottawa. We love our brunch, and we love our bacon. I loved this one, because you really taste the sweetness of the maple working with the bacon, and there was lots of bacon; the ratio topping to dough was fantastic.

Prices: Signature Donuts 2.25$-2.85$

Finally, the store itself has a great modern look, with bright colours and plenty of space to quickly gobble those donuts. And to top it all off, they deliver, and you can find them at the Landsdowne Farmer’s Market.

Pretty much, they’ve got it going on.

2 thoughts on “Maverick’s Donut Company

  1. Darren says:

    It’s not even close to South Keys. It is much closer to Billings Bridge than South Keys. Other than that you were on point with the review. My favorite so far is their apple fritter. 😎


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