Première Moisson



One of my all time favourite spots!

Première Moisson is a bit of a hole in the wall, because unless you’re a student at the University of Ottawa , there’s not much chance you’ve come across it. And yet, it’s a well established chain that has many locations in Montreal, and, it’s the absolute best for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or anytime really! You can find it at 120 University Private inside the Faculty of Social Sciences building.

There are two factors that make Premiere Moisson great: the quality of their products, and their variety of selection. Apart from the croissants, the turnovers, the danishes, and all other usual things, they have some viennoiseries that you wont be able to find anywhere else, and they are worth the discovery.

Abricotine Premiere Moisson


I have always loved apricots with vanilla pastry cream, and every time I get this Abricotine, I am never disappointed. The apricots are fresh and tangy, and complement perfectly the sweet and light vanilla custard. You can definitely taste the difference from other cheap vanilla cream reproductions. This one is actually made with real ingredients, and tastes the way it should. As with all their other viennoiseries, the dough is flaky goodness.

Price: Abricotines are $3.50. Somewhat expensive, but worth it!

Filouze at Premiere Moisson


If you’ve ever had a pain au raisin and you’re a chocoholic, this will be your new favourite viennoiserie. It’s really quite simple. It’s a buttery flaky dough shaped into a snail, and topped with pastry cream and chocolate chips. Once again, what makes it so good is the quality and taste of all three parts. The only thing that could make it better is if they added more pastry cream!

Price: Each filouze costs $2.50

Croissant with raspberry glaze at Premiere MoissonCroissant with chocolate topping at Premiere Moisson


Their croissants are certainly some of the better ones in Ottawa. Simple and to the point, their 100% butter croissant have a lovely texture and taste. On my last visit, I found out they now also have their regular croissants with toppings on top, like melted chocolate or raspberry glaze with pistachios. Both toppings were excellent, and a nice change if you’re bored of eating regular croissants!

Price: Each croissant costs $1.75, which is quite reasonable.



If you have the chance, their cakes, which come in individual portions or in small or large sizes are awesome as well. I bet you could try any of them, and not be disappointed. When I went they had a berry topped cheesecake, a strawberry shortcake, a raspberry with pistachio and white chocolate cake, as well as a tiramisu cake. They have other options as well, you just have to ask them for the list, and you can order the cakes in advance.

Prices: Cakes are in the $25-$30 range, maybe a bit less for the smaller cakes

They also have gluten free options which are pretty decent, such as the almond praline cream financier which is made with rice flour, and actually melts in your mouth.Size wise it is small, so it’s a great little snack. Other gluten free options include cookies and muffins.

Price: Each financier costs $2.75. 

Finally, they don’t usually have them at the Ottawa location, but if you see them or you go to Montreal, don’t hesitate to try their sugar topped brioches, or their chocolate Viennese! Pretty much the perfect breakfast…

Qualities of Premiere Moisson

Even though Ottawa’s Première Moisson doesn’t have all the products that the Montreal locations have, it definitely has plenty for the store to become your new go-to spot in the area. They also have lots of savoury options like sandwiches, different type of salads, and take home quiches (small, or large). They even have tourtière, chicken pot pie, and a French favourite: Provençale, which is an entirely vegetarian quiche. They also have a variety of packaged pastas, tomato sauces, and pickled vegetables. What’s not to love right?

All in all, if you haven’t been yet, go and let me know what you thought!



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