Lover of cake, sweets, and everything that is good, I’m a French girl who loves to eat, bake, go out to the best spots, and repeat. I’ve worked in the food industry for 10 years now, and for the most part I have served in fine dining establishements here in Ottawa.

Overtime, I realized that very little media attention was paid to the art of pastry and dessert. Even though to this day I continue to hear countless experienced cooks and chefs say that the pastry world is incredibly technical, and that very few could make a truly good dessert themselves; pastry chefs are hardly mentionned in restaurant reviews, on menus, or anywhere really, in comparison to their chef counterparts. And yet, pastry chefs go through the same schooling, the same sweat and tears, and in the end, give us, the clients, those sweet things that we crave so much!

So this is why I started this blog. Firstly, to sift through the good and the bad in Ottawa, because if I’m going to go out and pay to eat something, it better damn be worth it, and you should also be aware of what is and what isn’t. Secondly, it’s to start giving recognition to those who pursued a career in pastry and made something of it in Ottawa. It’s my way of thanking them for every time I bite into a pastry at a bakery or a dessert in a restaurant, and love life a little more.

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